Kyoto City basic information

Area 827.9km²
Population 1,475,000people (as of June 1, 2016) →To Kyoto City Web Site
City’s gross product (in real terms) 6,399.1billion yen (FY 2013)
Industry configuration Manufacturing industry:20% (The average in the government-ordinance-designated cities is 11%) (FY 2012)
Shipment value of manufactured goods 2,109.2billion yen, , number16in the nation (FY 2014)
Net additional value amount of the manufacturing industry 831.1billion yen, number 10in the nation (FY 2014)

Kyoto city hall

Cultural assets 15World Heritage sites and national treasures that account for approx.20% of all those in Japan
Traditional industries 74items, such as Nishijin-brocade, and Kyo-Yuzen dyeing


Number of universities 39(consisting of 29 universities and 10 colleges) (as of December, 2017)
Number of students: Approx.145,000(that accounts for 10% of the population),
number of foreign students: Approx. 7000
Nobel Prize winners
associated with Kyoto
12people, including Shinya Yamanaka, Professor of the Kyoto University, and Koichi Tanaka, Senior fellow of the Shimadzu Corporation

Kyoto University

Number of tourists
who come to Kyoto
56.84million people (FY 2015)
International conferences 213, number 2 in the nation (number 1: Tokyo 23 districts) (as of 2015) (ICCA)
Tourist city
World top 1under the assessment of the U.S. travel magazine “Travel+Leisure” (2013, 2015) *Top 10 best city of the past five years(from 2012 to 2016)

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