Kyoto Playing the Role of a Business Hub1 – Integration of Traditional and Advanced Industries

Integration of Traditional and Advanced Industries

Many research and development based companies that have been developed through the collaboration of technology and accumulated human resources possessed by universities and traditional industries are located here. They have a large market share in Japan and in the world, mainly in electronic components and measurement devices.

  • KYOCERA Corporation

    Grown from a venture company to one of the best in the world Leading company of communication information equipment

  • OMRON Corporation

    One of the largest manufacturers of control devices and electronic components

  • NIDEC Corporation

    World-class top manufacturer of small precision motors

  • HORIBA, Ltd.

    Produces analysis measurement devices around the world

  • Nintendo Co., Ltd.

    Grown from a toy company to a world-class game manufacturer

  • Shimadzu Corporation

    Traditional manufacturer of analysis/measurement and medical devices

  • Wacoal Corp.

    Leading company of underclothes, mainly women’s foundation garments

  • ROHM Co., Ltd.

    One of the largest manufacturers of electronic components, including integrated circuits, and semiconductor elements

For example, the pottery technology in Kyoto that supported tea culture and its innovative concept have been applied to electronic components, including capacitors and ceramics used in the electronics industry, as well as fine ceramic products used in daily life, such as knives and ornaments. In addition, the purl manufacturing technology indispensable for the Nishijin fabric embroidery has been applied to high-function products, including conduction film used for touch panels. All of them have since become essential parts in various industries.

Innovation - From traditional to cutting-edge industries